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Colchester Christ Church
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Situated to the south west of the town centre, a Church that is Christ centred, with an open evangelical approach to Christian belief, practice and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Activities for adults

Coffee +

Coffee +

Coffee +

Coffee + meets on a Monday at 10:am

Enjoying a Coffee + meeting

Follow the link to see the Coffee+ blog


Walking group

Walking groups strides out

The new walking group meets three times a year and is a great way to exercise and have fellowship.

Follow the link to see the walkers blog


Pints of View

Pints of View meets on the 2nd Wednesday evening of the month from 8pm at the Hospital Arms.

Something for men. A pint and a view. Nothing more complicated. Come along with a few pounds, an open mind and join in some lively debate – no topic is off limits. For more information please contact Paul Wakefield (0774 0771 491) or Simon Prestney (07760 786730).

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