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New Wine United

Please enjoy watching this short Video produced by Emma Norrington about our time at New Wine United 18.

Normally a great bunch of us would travel to the East of England Showground (was Bath and West Showground until summer 2019) for a week attending New Wine United. We attend Week 2 / Week B. Why don’t you join us?

If you aren’t a fan of sleeping under canvas that doesn’t matter, why don’t you stay in a caravan or hotel? Yes, you can stay off site.

If you want any more information about New Wine, please don’t hesitate to fill out this form below for us to get back to you.

United Breaks Out

Unfortunately, New Wine United 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19 but an online event was held instead which was called New Wine Breaks out. Don’t worry of you missed out it is all FREE and Online to watch whenever. For more information head to the New Wine Breaks Out Website.

There were resources for everyone.

  • The children at New Wine Breaks out headed to Space Acadamy for more information head to the New Wine Kids Website.
  • The youth section of New Wine is under the Name Luminosity. For more information about Luminosity and Luminosity check out the Luminosity Website

The full programme for New Wine Breaks out can be found here.

New Wine United 2021

The New Wine Leadership team have taken the decision to cancel New Wine United 2021 because of the uncertainty around Covid-19. More information on United 21 can be found on the New Wine Website.

Here is a video from Paul Harcourt who is the National Leader of New Wine with his update about United 21 from Nov 2020.

Update Regarding United 21 – Dec 2020

Please Check this page out closer to the Summer for more updates about New Wine United 21. We will continue to keep this page updated when we find further information out.

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