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Situated to the south west of the town centre, a Church that is Christ centred, with an open evangelical approach to Christian belief, practice and the work of the Holy Spirit.



Serving God in His work

Offering Prayers, Time, Energy and Wealth as a service to others

Members of Christ Church endeavour to live out the faith that they have received and exercise those gifts that have been given by God for His work.

The Last Supper is actually a parable. Not the usual kind though, this time Jesus is acting it out for us. By humbly washing the disciples feet during the supper does He shows us an example of selfless service. It encourages us to humble ourselves and give generously to others.

At Christ Church we each try to be ready, following Jesus’ example, to be of useful service to others in our community and to those further afield.

Please have a look at the Prayer Sheet  produced by the Church of England for a month of prayer – November

What is “Prayer”?

Prayer is listening and talking with God. God encourages us to bring ourselves, with our concerns and our questions, just as we are, to Him. He loves us and loves to hear from us. He responds to our prayers and through prayer we can know God’s love for us and His presence in our lives.

What is “Healing”?

Healing is a process of repairing and restoring, when things are not right. It might be bodily healing from illness. It might be healing for bruised emotions or damaged friendships. Healing aims to restore people to the bodily and spiritual wholeness that God has designed for them.

Prayer ministry

Prayer ministry

Individual prayer during Holy Communion or after the Sunday Morning Service.

Come as you are and receive prayer for healing or for any need on your heart. Or come for prayer on behalf of someone else.

Saturday and Tuesday Morning Private Prayer – COVID-19 Lockdown

The Church will be open on Tuesday and Saturday Mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am.

All are welcome, but please follow the guidelines as posted outside and inside the Church Space. Please also remember these sessions are for Private Prayer only.

You may bring your own prayer materials but there will be no access to bibles etc.

There will always be someone on “duty.” Masks must also be worn.


Visits by arrangement can be organised if you would like to talk and/or pray with someone. This may take place either at Christ Church or in a private home.

If you feel you could benefit in this way then please contact Rev Paul Norrington on 01206 563478 leaving your name and telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Street pastors

Street Pastors

Giving time and energy as Street Pastors

A Street Pastor is a Church member with a concern for society – in particular young people who feel themselves to be excluded and marginalised – and who is willing to engage people where they are, in terms of their thinking (i.e. their perspective of life) and location (i.e. where they hang out – be it on the streets, in the pubs and clubs or at parties etc).

As the Street Pastor gets to know people in the community he/she will find out their needs are and what can be done to help. A presence of Street Pastors will earn credibility in the community, so that people know that the Church is there for them in a practical way. The role is not about preaching heaven and hell, but one of listening, caring and helping – working in an unconditional way.

Each Street Pastor team consists of at least three groups of four, each of which will work a minimum of one night a month, usually from 10pm to around 4am.

Street Pastors Website



Involvement in Compassion child sponsorship

After a presentation in 2010 several Church members decided to support a child through the Compassion sponsor scheme by giving £21 per month and committing to pray for the child and to write to them on a regular basis.

In a world where more than a billion children live on less than 2 US dollars a day, Compassion believes connecting one child with one sponsor is the most strategic way to end childhood poverty. Through monthly donations, prayer and letter writing, sponsors invest in the lives of children living in extreme poverty.

Children attend church-based child development centres where they receive life-changing opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach. Every Compassion sponsored child has the opportunity to develop their God-given potential and be released from the poverty that has trapped their families for generations. Compassion website

Providing for homeless

Colchester Soup Run

Together with many other churches in the borough we take part in this activity.The aim is to provide those who are homeless or lonely with some nourishment every day. We make and take sandwiches with us and serve these in the town centre together with soup, biscuits, cakes and hot drinks.


We support the work of Traidcraft

Traidcraft is the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, fighting poverty through trade.

Established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty, we combine a trading company and a development charity.

Our vision is a world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just, and people and communities can flourish.

Traidcraft pioneers the development of fair trade by:

* building lasting relationships with small-scale producers in developing countries
* supporting people to trade out of poverty
* working to bring about trade justice
* being open and transparent about our practices.

We hold a monthly traidcraft stall. Items can either be bought from this stall or ordered through the Traidcraft catalogue.

Food bank

Food bank

Colchester Food Bank

Christ Church supports the Food bank in Colchester which is part of a national scheme. Foodbanks help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems. A simple box of food makes a big difference.

All food is donated by the public and sorted by volunteers. Frontline care professionals such as doctors and social workers identify people in crisis and issue a food voucher. Clients receive three days of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food in exchange for their food voucher. Foodbanks also make time to chat and to signpost clients to other helpful services.

Colchester Food Bank Website

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