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Holiday Club


Holiday Club was different this year. We had gone through various scenarios to moving holiday club to the end of the summer, having no holiday club or running holiday club on-line.

After much prayer and discussions as a family we felt that holiday club should take place and that the only way it could happen would be virtually. With this in mind and knowing that the children in the past have always enjoyed the illustrations that were based around science, we decided that we would perhaps think about our wonderful world. It then definitely seemed right when we received an email from Scripture Union regarding their new holiday club which was a science orientated holiday club thinking about the amazing world we live in.

So this year we largely followed the Scripture Union resource. The holiday club was presented by Professor Brain Box, Professor Bright Spark, the Electrons and Professor Sticky Dots. Over the weeks of the summer holidays we looked at the ‘fun of discovery’, the wonders of the universe, the colours of the rainbow, the creatures of the world, the possibilities of robots. The children also learnt that even though God is so huge beyond our imaginations and created the whole universe He still knows all about each one of us and wants us to be His friend.

We had 30 children sign up. Each child was given an activity bag which contained a craft and science experiment and explanation booklet for each of the 5 sessions.

This year’s holiday club could not have been produced without the fantastic enthusiasm, technical knowhow, presentation, singing and dancing and crafting skills of Beth, Tim, Jessica, Rachel and Livi.

Follow this link to watch all the sessions

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