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Situated to the south west of the town centre, a Church that is Christ centred, with an open evangelical approach to Christian belief, practice and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Secret Church

We have had 2 very successful Secret Church sessions but don’t worry if you missed out because they can be watched below. There are differences between both the sessions but have the same style.

Do enjoy watching Secret Church.

Secret Church Sunday 8th November

Secret Church Sunday 6th December

Thank you so much for joining us for Secret Church, we are so glad you enjoyed it and hopefully learnt more about how lucky we are we be able to praise god how we do without being worried about getting in serious trouble.

If you were inspired by what Naomi told us more information about what open doors does can be found on their website on there you will find ways to contact Open doors or donate. 

After our two successful sessions we were invited onto an Instagram live by Naomi who works for open doors who interviewed us, this interview can be found on their Instagram page.

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