Situated to the south west of the City centre, a Church that is Christ centred, with an open evangelical approach to Christian belief, practice and worship

Who’s Who – Contacts

Please find below a way to contact someone at Christ Church who can give you support and information for your relevant query.

If you are unsure of who the contact if in doubt, please contact our Administrator who will direct you to the correct person.

PLEASE NOTE – We are in the process of changing Email Providers, if you wish to email us please email to be guaranteed the email is received rather than using the emails under each name.

Chris Smith


Emma Smith


Emily Gooch


Jean Taylor

Church warden

Rod Green

Church warden

James Bacon

Parish Safeguarding Officer

Brian Taylor

Deputy Church warden

Rosemary Currell

Deputy Church warden

Sophie Bacon

Deputy Parish Safeguarding Officer

Nigel Humphreys


Judith Cronshaw

Booking’s Co-ordinator and Building Project Co-ordinator

Clive Joyce

Licensed Lay Minister

Sara Humphreys

Licensed Lay Minister

Sheila Godwin

Pastoral Assistant and Responsible for FLAMES and Time Together

Paul Wakefield

Evangelism Enabler and Responsible for Splodgy Youth

Sue Bennett

Responsible for FRoG Club and Breakfast Cafe and Musician

Colin Bennett